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Landlord Ads Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

All lease advertisements are controlled by a centralized management system of Max TD. To have your advertisement on, it should be added to the Max TD system of central management of real estate lease advertisements.

Terms and naming of the parties involved:

The operator of the portal (see the page with the information about the project, hereinafter referred to as: the operator) uses as the Internet market (hereinafter: the market). The market is also a platform for the advertisement of services in the tourism industry. Conditions and advertisements about real estate objects are published in the market by means of electronic mediation of MAX-TD PTY LTD, Belrose, Australia, ABN: 84135956277 (MAX-TD). The market uses an integrated, automated system for the transfer of the information from MAX-TD (hereinafter: the booking system of MAX-TD) to facilitate interaction between the user and the customer and centralized system publishing advertisements on various sites/markets.

The operator offers to the lessor (hereinafter: the user) the opportunity to place their proposals in the booking system of MAX-TD and get open access to the market, and other related markets. Members receive the opportunity through the booking system of MAX-TD to represent their offers to the view of the visitors. Making of the contract is done exclusively between the visitor and the landlord, without interference of the operator or MAX-TD.

The relationship between the operator and the user is limited to providing access to the booking system of MAX-TD on Access to the booking system of MAX-TD is made via the login on the portal, on which the user is registered.

Using the booking system of MAX-TD by the user is only possible after the confirmation by the booking system of MAX-TD. MAX-TD invites to the cooperation in the booking system of MAX-TD after filling out of the registration forms in accordance with the described conditions. The application for admission to the booking system of MAX-TD is carried out in accordance with the completed form of the user on personal page.

After sending the completed form and online payment, the user is offered the access to the market for publishing advertisements. The operator can take on the responsibility to obtain payment for MAX-TD. The contract is concluded between the user and MAX-TD. Max-TD reserves the right to the final confirmation on the contract.

Access to the booking system of MAX-TD is provided as soon as the request comes in, and the payment for the selected advertisement package comes to the account of MAX-TD or its representative. Access can be blocked at any time if the user violates the agreement about the use of the booking system of MAX-TD or laws - in particular copyright, trademark. Access will be granted for 12 months, unless otherwise agreed in writing in each individual case.

The user agrees to the terms of the provision of the access to MAX-TD:

a. provide accurate and complete information in the advertisement. This is especially important for the description of the objects and the specifications of their use.

b. publish one advertisement for each kind of real estate object. Description of various real estate objects in one advertisement is not allowed. After the publication of the real estate objects the change of the address of a particular real estate object during the advertisement period can only be done on request at an additional cost.

c. maintain current and complete information of your advertisement, description of your real estate object and price.

d. materials that violate the regulations, are not correct in content, violate the rights of third parties, copyright, patents, trademarks, patent rights and industrial rights will not be used in the booking system of MAX-TD.

e. MAX-TD and the operator is exempt from all claims, third-party claims against the operator and Max-TD or any other claims for violations of the rights to use the booking system of Max-TD, or violations of the laws by the user who submitted offers. The user takes on the costs of legal defense of the offeror in case of litigation costs and expenses.

MAX-TD agrees to provide the possibility of using the booking system of MAX-TD and, in particular, the publication by the user of these real estate advertisements on an individual basis. Max TD agrees to provide technical possibility of direct contacts between the user and the end user. MAX-TD agrees to provide service availability to 95% on average per year. This doeasn’t include those moments during which the service is not available on the Internet due to technical or other problems that are not under the control of MAX-TD (force majeure, the guilt of a third person, etc.).

MAX-TD has the right during the term of the contract to process and store (in accordance with business relationships) the data obtained from the user in accordance with the requirements in the field of information security. This applies, in particular, to the data about the company, billing and contact details of the user, notifications about updates and relevant suggestions to the announcements included to the booking system of MAX-TD. The user agrees that the offeror may use the information in an anonymous form such as data on the status of the transaction, the actions of the users and visitors during the processing of this operation and use anonymous data for marketing purposes, such as the collection of statistical data and presentations.

User agreement with MAX-TD is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. MAX-TD has the right to make a claim in a court of general jurisdiction.



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