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London - one of those utterly unbelievable yarkookrashennyh cities, which can be carefully studied all my life, but would only discover the immensity of its potential. This is not only the capital of the United Kingdom, but also one of the world's major financial, business and cultural centers. Like other major global cities, London has an enormous impact on world politics and economics, and is the world the trendsetter in fashion, art, media and the entertainment business.

Origins of the name is controversial to this day to provoke controversy, but the actual Londoners tend to believe the theory of origin of the city from the majestic Roman Empire and the Latin word Londinium (Londiny).

London is the largest metropolis of the European Union. At the heart of London is the City of London comprising the world financial center of capitalism together with the cradle of the British monarchy in the City of Westminster the adjacent borough, representing the historical core of this giant city. The body of Greater London contains 32 municipal districts (boroughs), which of old are essentially part of the county of Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Inside this magnificent city is the same number of unique attractions that are the heritage of humanity, and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, as are so many other sites listed throughout Britain. This honour was awarded to the Tower of London, Greenwich, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and part of Westminster: Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret's Church.

Imagine growing up in this large city of London when it was critically and affectionately known as the Big Smoke due to its millions of chimneys burning coal, however, as of the current day those have disappeared, along with fog and oatmeal, thus no more than hyperbolizing London smog myth. With the popularity of the many British journalists in London, it has received such original nicknames as:The Great Wen, which means "colossal build-up", or since the 1960’s; The Swinging City, for those who like to ‘move with the groove’ of Swing London. Original Londoner’s often say with a hint of irony, “London town”, where once upon a time lived Londoners.

London - this is quite a unique city, especially around and speaking not only metaphorically, but literally - the uncrowned capital of the world. Unlike most world capitals, the official status of London as the capital of the United Kingdom has never been confirmed by law, or at least in writing. The uniqueness of this incredible metropolis is emphasised in fact by the implausible multiethnic and multicultural mixes. According to the National Center for Languages in London can be heard more than 300 different languages as you wonder through it’s streets and neighbourhoods.

London stunningly dynamic, very vociferous, and extraordinarily diverse ready to offer travelers the very rich palette of entertainment and pleasure. To avoid getting lost in a kaleidoscope of new developments, extraordinary events, extravagant people, and amazing cultural sites in London, travel guide "Privet-London!" Finds and selects for you only the best that this incredible city can offer. The most interesting sights and fabulous museums, the most fashionable restaurants and excellent pubs, most comfortable hotels and cosy apartments, all the things that make your stay in London comfortable, exciting, engaging and quite pleasantly memorable.

Welcome to London!

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